One Sentence Summary of Sweet Home Alabama

Several years ago I wrote a series of summaries of what I considered to be truly horrible movies. To illustrate how thrown together they felt, I summarized them in one long, drawn-out sentence. I hope if you have recently seen this or any of the movies which I will post summaries of, these reviews will help you relive their cluttered nonsensical messes in vibrant detail.

Okay so lightning strikes this beach and this conflicted girl wakes up and she’s really a rich designer but her boyfriend doesn’t have enough time for her because of his megalomaniacal mother, so she gets engaged to him at a jewelry store and then goes to Alabama because she’s married to a redneck bum who lives with a big dog and wants a divorce, but the redneck bum won’t let her have the divorce until she goes to a bar and gets totally smashed and makes all her old friends mad with her New York attitude and her cousin is gay, but then she gets the divorce papers and “forgets” to sign them and she cries over a dog, and then her legit fiancé comes down during a reenactment and they almost get killed by flying anvils but then he thinks that she got married to her cousin and she said she got married to a guy who was supposed to be her cousin and then says it was her second cousin and then it turns out to be the redneck bum but then the legit fiancé decides to marry her anyway, and they get her designer friends who are also gay to come down and they go to a glass shop that the redneck bum owns because he was inspired whenever lightning struck the beach, so she gets more conflicted because of her dreams and is about to marry her legit fiancé when she realizes that she’s still married to the redneck bum and then gets even more conflicted and punches her legit fiancé’s megalomaniacal mother and runs out on the beach in the rain to find her redneck bum husband and they kiss in slow motion and then everybody dances to “Sweet Home Alabama” which is why the movie is called Sweet Home Alabama.
Reese is mad

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